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We support women survivors of war to rebuild their lives.

Since our origins during the Bosnian war in 1993, Women for Women International has reached 553,437 marginalised women in 14 conflict-affected countries.  

We work at the critical intersection of women and conflict providing skills, knowledge, and resources that create sustainable change for women, their families, and their communities.

Foto: Serrah Galos


Every woman has the power to transform her world. When women work together, we have the power to create a better world for all of us.

From war-torn towns to the halls of the United Nations, our global community of women is working to create a more just world—a world where every woman’s voice, role, and contribution are visible and valued.  

Conflict and war deepen the injustices women face. A woman who survives violent conflict lives through brutality, sexual violence, extreme poverty, and the death of loved ones. Her home and community are left fractured in the wake.   

When the conflict ends and the world’s attention moves on, she is left without basic resources, like food, water, and safety in a community that puts her needs and voice last.   

Through the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Programme, we invest in women survivors of war and conflict. Together with her classmates, a woman breaks the isolation of war and conflict, while learning to save, build businesses, understand her rights, improve her health, and change societal rules.   

But women can’t do it alone. Through our complementary programmes, we engage with men, community structures, policy makers and graduates of our program ("Change Agents") to address discriminatory social norms and practices, enhance and create more opportunities for women, and provide the support women need to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. Through our flexible Conflict Response Fund we work with local partners to meaningfully support women in the midst of burning conflict. 

We know women pass on their knowledge to their neighbors and children, creating a ripple effect for generations. By investing in women, we create a better world for all of us — a world that’s more equal, peaceful, and prosperous.   

That’s the power of women, for women. 

Foto: Serrah Galos


Help a woman lift herself out of poverty. Give a woman survivor of war the resources, support, and skills she needs to transform her life — and the lives of her family. Your gift today provides: 

  • Job training 
  • Business and life skills
  • Access to opportunities and more 
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